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Congratulations to All Shenanigans on an amazing 6 year old season! This 2008 Chesapeake mare finished 2nd in the Western League Young Jumper Championship Finals. Through the four rounds of this championship, All Shenanigans never had a rail, and was just slightly bested in the final jump off.

All Shenanigans then went on to win the 6 Year Old Suitability Finals at the Sacramento International Horse Show. This 3-day championship is judged subjectively, using numerical scoring to asses the likelihood of young jumpers eventually competing at the Grand Prix level. Not only did All Shenanigans win the 6 year old division, but she also earned the tremendous honor of being named the Best Young Horse out of all the age group winners (4 year olds through 7 year olds). All Shenanigans has been with Morgan Caplane Equestrian for 2 years. It has been thrilling to watch her develop, and we hope to continue to do so for many years to come.